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The Battle of Asakai

For those of you who follow the MMO news sites, the events I'm relating might not be anything new... in fact, they probably won't be... for the others...

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Campaign... Something.

So, I've been doing a bunch of thinking lately... and I don't know if anyone's still reading this, or looking at LJ at all. God knows it's been almost two years since I did anything here...

But first things first:


That's the home page for the Middle Earth campaign I was running. It stalled out about two years ago or so, as you guys might have noticed.

I'm thinking of restarting it.

Not 'picking it back up', but restarting it. With a different game system. Specifically, The One Ring, from Cubicle7. Probably not doing it tabletop, either, but putting together a bunch of stuff to do online play, including allowing for persistent 'you guys RP shit while I prep for the next session' play.

If I do, I'll be putting up another campaign for it on Obsidian Portal. I like their set-up, and hell, I've got most of the site design work already done, right? ;)

Someone pointed this out to me...

... and my mind immediately went to someone I'm mutually friended to. You may know who you are... >.>


And the Jets...

...are the Jets.

This one was all on the receivers. Cotchery, Holmes, and of course, Stonehands Edwards. Yeah, Sanchez's pick was the difference on what the numbers that went on the scoreboard were... but the dropped balls were the difference in what didn't get onto the scoreboard.
Fox Nation today reposted a news report...

from The Onion.

Check it out

Now, it's in the 'culture' section, so it's entirely possible the editor who posted it knows it's satire and was posting it up as part of the joke. If so, that's fine. I don't have an issue with that.

But go read the comments. If you're sorting 'oldest first', it takes quite some time to get to people who know it's a joke. One person even claims their 'friend' got the e-mail, and they've read it.

People. It's THE ONION for cryin' out loud. Just stop. Stop claiming you're informed. Stop claiming you have a clue. You have, in effect, just been shown a Saturday Night Live skit of Chevy Chase, and thought that really was Gerald Ford. Congratulations, you have all just proudly proclaimed your idiocy. Now can you please go home and stop trying to ruin the world for the rest of us? You knee-jerk idiots who oppose anything this President does is why, for the first time since REAGAN, we're in danger of the START inspections lapsing. You know, Ronald 'Did this same damned thing w/Russia, sold weapons to Khomeni AND Saddam, and raised taxes, all at the same time' Reagan? The guy who all you mouth-breathers hail as the real Jesus?

Please. STFU and go home.

note; To the conservative/Republican regular readers of this space: you are generally smart, well-rounded people. If you think I'm talking to/about you, you have not had your caffeine yet today. Go get a cup and shake your head at the idiocy of fools with me.


Partial Campaign Update

No no, I'm not putting in all of the narrative of what's happened since we left our party and their arrival at Aelinnost Herynnen. Well, I am, but not in long-form. Instead, first, you get the 'recap' form... as in...

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So. Now you know what all I have to write up still in the long-story-short-form narrative.

When does the hurting stop...?

George Lucas is at it again.

I think everything I could say has been summed up already by PZ Myers over at Pharyngula, who caps off his opinion of, well, everything after The Empire Strikes Back with this:

Nothing will save them, George. They were badly conceived and badly written, and yet another digital makeover will not change that fact. Maybe if you'd written them competently when you made them, you wouldn't be masturbating their corpses now.

Writer's Block: Wishful Banking Features

Paying bills, depositing checks, finding an ATM … what are all the banking things you wish you could do on your cell phone or iPhone?

Bank robbery, mostly... >.>